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I owe a lot to B.A.M. Studio. Without them this album would not have been possible. All the studio musicians what played their hearts out making this music the best it could be! The engineers that helped shape these songs into the entertainment excellence they are. My thanks to all of you!

Mr. Don Carter for support and of course co-writer to songs on this CD. You never forget your first! Whizzerville Hall the first venue allowing us to play and get paid!

A great big thanks and heart felt love to producer Bobby Flores for his endless efforts, long nights and outstanding talents that bought this album to life! I love you my friend!

Amanda Bryant for her excellent vocal and duet contributions.

My mother and siblings that have always supported and assisted in my music development from an early age till now.

Craig Head for his dedication input and assistance in composing many of the songs on this CD.

Randolph Flores and family for pushing me forward to do this album.

My wife and family for supporting me through all my music endeavors.

The fans, I can never express how important the fans are to my music. They are all great and without them I would not have made this album. I wish there was enough room to list them all. Each and every one of them deserve to be acknowledged!

I cannot forget the Keen Country Band. This awesome group allows me the opportunity to play my songs at live music venues so people can hear my works. Thanks to all the band members.
Song History
Western Mountain Land
I wrote this song when I was in the United States Marine Corps, while stationed in the Mohave desert at the Marine Corps base in 29 Palms, California. On weekends I drove to Barstow, California and played with bands for extra cash. This song is the product of a young Texas cowboy, lonely and far from home having a guitar and a lonesome state of mind.
Back Home in Texas
This song really hits the nail on the head for a touring artist, being on the road and gone from home. This is what happens when two established Country music song writers, (Don Carter & Grady Keenan) and a Southern rocker, (Craig Head) get together and blend talents for a kick ass song.
Give Love a Second Chance
This song was written by Rance May. I drummed for Rance while he was building his career. I always liked this song and asked him if I could include it on this album. I hope our delivery of this song pleases him. Thanks for a great song Rance!
I Wish You’d Come Back to Stay
This song was written in the late 1980’s. After multiple separations and break ups, this song brings the pain to the surface. Years of healing has made it possible to include this song on this album.
Living Life Over Again
This song idea began with a friend, (Dan Law) and I just throwing lines back and forth at a jam session one evening. This song visits an elderly couple that enjoy each other and the grand kids as they reminiscence about their earlier years.
She’s an Angel.
Another awesome song thanks to co-writer Don Carter. This song is about a love lost and the hindsight of affections with the love of the Lord in their lives.
Someday Soon
I always loved this song. I have heard the male version and I’ve heard the female version. I searched, but couldn’t find if it had ever been done as a duet. I always thought it would be a good candidate for a duet. I contacted the songwriter, (IanTyson) to let him know my idea and to my surprise he informed me that he and his wife at the time did it as a duet in their shows in the late 1960’s. Amanda Bryant does an amazing job on this duet with me. Thank you, Amanda, for bringing this dream to a reality for me!
Soul Fighter
The original poem for this song was written by Daniel Springsteen. He wrote this poem expressing his love for his mother that had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. I was asked to try and make a song from this poem so he could play it for his mother. Daniel, I pray for you and your mother every day and it makes me incredibly happy and proud that you have approved this product. May the Lord be with you and keep you both . . . Amen!
Texas Raised Redneck
For months I carried this riff around in my head. It was powerful and distracted me a lot. At a small diner one afternoon the band and I went in for a bite to eat and there was a sign on the wall that was the birth idea of this song. When we left the diner, I began writing and the song just fell together with ease. Grady Keenan is the original Texas raised redneck for sure!
Walk With Your Savior
This song says it all! The times we live in these days are scary. It seems nobody wants to stand up for anything! We are removing God from courtrooms, schools, special events, etc. This song wrote itself. I was just the pen holder. This song lets everyone know there is a better way, and it is available to all no matter what you have done. Redemption and salvation are the best gifts promised to us from our Lord. It is yours for the asking! Amen!
Produced by Bobby Flores, R.D. Music Productions
Recorded & mixed at BAM Recording Studio, San Antonio, Texas
Engineers - Bobby Flores, R.J. Smith
Mastered by Nick Landis

Drums - Dan Dreeben
Bass Guitar- Chris Maresh, Brady Gandy
Piano & Keyboards - Anthony Bazzani
Guitars, Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Mandolin - Bobby Flores
Banjo - Brady Gandy
Background Vocals - Amanda Bryant, Bobby Flores
Album Available at Grady's Performances
(along with other Great Stuff!)
Texas Raised Redneck
Back Home in Texas